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Scummy scrapers

A website that I won’t name (I don’t want them to get the traffic) has been scraping and republishing my content without my consent. I think this is reprehensible, and it’s pissing me off. The very post I put up earlier today has already been scraped and republished. The site has Google ads on it, so I’ve already reported it to Google, following the advice here. I’ve also added a copyright header to my RSS feed so that it’s very clear that no one has the right to reproduce my material. Finally, I’m telling the scrapers right now to fuck off and die.

Back to life, plus a note about reviews

My overtime period has ended at the day job, so expect regular posting to return.

I’m blasting back in this week with two product reviews–one is of a liqueur and the other of a fairly new book. I don’t receive review offers often, and I don’t accept everything I am offered, so it’s fair to say that most of the products I review here are items that I myself have purchased, unless I say differently in the review.

In other words, if it’s a freebie, I’ll mention it. But since the vast majority of what I drink, read, etc. is stuff I’ve bought for myself, it seems silly to say so every time I talk about a product.

The liqueur I’m reviewing was sent to me for review, and I’ve mentioned that in my drafted post. The book was something I myself purchased, and in my draft, I haven’t mentioned that fact. I’m saying this now in case anyone wants me to clarify or alter my position before I publish these posts.

Spirits and cocktails ads

I think I’m the last of us to post about this, but I’ve joined the Spirits and Cocktails ad network that Darcy O’Neil and Jeffrey Morgenthaler have set up.

My rationale for joining is this: I’ve never expected to get rich from this site, but I would like to bring in a little money to cover my expenses and, more importantly, to fuel my hobby. As most of you know, spirits aren’t always cheap, and I’d love a little extra cash each month to purchase new products, cocktail manuals, equipment, and so forth–all with the goal of providing more material for this site.

Seeing my name among the folks involved in the initial group of sites (Darcy, Jeffrey, Natalie, Paul, Gabriel, and Rick) is a little heady, so I’m even happier to take part. We’d all attest to getting press releases regularly from distributors and PR firms with recipes and other drink ideas. Speaking for myself, I’ll only ever build a post around these press releases if I’m actually interested in the product or the drink recipe mentioned therein, but it shows that these companies are actively trying to reach our readers.

Through advertising, the companies can talk to you, our readers, directly. And if we can make a little money off of it, so much the better.

The press release, after the jump.
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A Dash of Bitters in Imbibe

Just a quick pimpin’ here. The Gin Fizz picture I posted yesterday is the result of the arduous and laborious research forced upon me by the taskmasters at Imbibe, who wanted a paragraph about, and a recipe using, orange flower water. The pain I suffer for this site…I tell ya.

My bit appears in the Q&A feature of the July/August issue, which hits newsstands and mailboxes this week. Get yerself a copy! You should be reading Imbibe anyway, so you have no excuses!

Redesign, etc.

If stuff starts looking odd around here, it’ll probably be because I’m in the middle of redesigning this site. I want to switch to a three-column layout so that the blogroll and categories are easier to access; I plan to redesign the logo (I just now noticed how much it cribs from the Imbibe logo); and I have other cosmetic changes in mind.

But that’s going to mean testing design elements out on the live site, so if things shift about or just look weird, give me a couple of hours and I’ll straighten it out.