A Sadly Missed Opportunity at Greatness

I‘m compiling my annual gift guide for Serious Eats, looking at cool products for your home bar. This measuring beaker from Williams Sonoma caught my eye.

I love the idea of a product like this. It’s nothing I’d use daily, because of its breakability, but I’d definitely bring it out if we were having a couple of close friends over for drinks and dinner. It’s a great piece for entertaining.

Except, look at it closely.

Look very closely. See what it lacks, bar geeks.

Said the drunken sot to the drunken sot, “Do you see what I see? There on the beaker, drunken sot. Do you see what I see?”


Argh! You’re right! It only measures in full ounces. Need half an ounce of vermouth or other ingredient? Go to hell! You can’t do that with this one! Grump.  It’s really cool looking otherwise. I guess if I just wanted a show piece, this would be fine. As a practical tool, though, nope.

4 thoughts on “A Sadly Missed Opportunity at Greatness

  1. I have a handful of large, ornate shotglasses that I got from Crate and Barrel that I like for the same reason: each has finely-etched lines for 0.5, 1, and two ozs.

    Alas, they don’t sell them anymore

  2. also note that the 0 mark is not at the bottom of the beaker.

    I received one of these as a gift and I use it to prep a second drink if I am making more than one at a time. as a measuring device it is worthless though.

    1. Wow. I think I saw that zero mark and tried to ignore it. That’s a mark of a designer glomming onto cocktail culture without taking five minutes to understand it.

  3. You would be better off acquiring a real beaker. Durable and at least the markings are accurate even if they aren’t specifically what you need for cocktails

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