Cocktails, in GIFs



Complex magazine published a cool feature yesterday, naming the 25 best cocktails in New York City right now. What’s nice about it is how the piece is illustrated. Each cocktail has an animated GIF, as shown above.

I love this. There’s always something artistic and theatrical about sitting at a bar and watching a talented bartender working. This feature captures a bit of the fun.

[HT to Kelly Sue for passing it along.]

2 thoughts on “Cocktails, in GIFs

  1. Agreeing with you on watching a talented bartender. But if you’re not familiar with The Raines Law Room, you’d never know you’re allowed to watch their bartenders. Honestly, one of my favorite things about the place is how they so exquisitely cater to the vastly under-represented introvert crowd. (?!–Yeah, I’m one of them… even though I’m a bartender myself.)

  2. Clarification: what I meant to say was that *…if it’s your first time at Raine’s Law, you’d never know you’re allowed to watch the bartenders.*

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