All the booze that’s fit to print


GREG BOEHM was galled when prices of out-of-print cocktail books skyrocketed along with the popularity of cocktails, a familiar gripe of any drink enthusiast who has been ensnared by the anachronistic charm of old bar books.

Read it all, at the NY Times.

2 thoughts on “All the booze that’s fit to print

  1. The Mud Puddle reproductions are exciting news. I recall Ted Haigh, David Wondrich and Brain Rea raving about them at the “Jerry’s Kid’s” panel.

    And I’m right with you on the both the best piece of swag and the awesomeness of the Jasmine. I feel for anyone who missed out on “Juniperlooza”.

  2. My dad has a small collection of seriously old school, first edition bar books. He also mixes seriously good, old school drinks. You’ve inspired me to work through the books on my next trip home. Yum.

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