Salon’s summer swizzles sizzle

To anyone clicking through from, welcome. Snoop through the cabinets and make yourselves comfortable.

On Tuesday, I had the honor of joining Salon’s witty New York editorial team for its summer-cocktail contest. You’d search long to find a finer group of raconteurs and bon vivants. Sarah Karnasiewicz and her colleagues welcomed me not just to taste but to mix up a couple of batches as well, and I quickly felt like part of the team, even though I had just met everyone. My only regret is that I had to leave shortly after we finished the mixing and judging.

Sarah has posted the results of the contest, so pop over and find a new favorite! I’m a big fan of LUPEC Boston‘s Irma le Douce, but I’ll have to alter it for home use since Mrs. Bitters is allergic to grapefruit.