MxMo updates

I’ve missed posting in the last couple of Mixology Mondays, mostly owing to my own incompetance, but I do want to take the time to announce the following two MxMo’s.

MxMo ExoticOctober 16 brings MxMo 8, on the theme of exotic drinks. Meeta’s hosting it, over at What’s For Lunch, Honey. Break out your tiki mugs, deck out your living room with palm fronds, get some Don Ho for your hi-fi, and check in with Meeta when you’re done. It’s summer in October!

MxMo BittersMixology Monday 9 takes place November 13, with the theme of bitters. Hosted in this space, appropriately enough, it’ll give you a chance to talk about, well, anything bitters related. Go crazy. Do you have a batch of homemade bitters brewing up on your back bar? Have you been experimenting with Aperol or Cynar? Fees or Underberg? The bitters can be your main ingredient or a highlight.

These things always sneak up on me, so I’ll be sure to post a reminder here a week before my MxMo.