For no good reason, I’ve absented this blog for a few days, but I wanted to point out this good article from the LA Times about boutique gins. (Be sure to check out the tasting notes while you’re there, too.) Among the gins reviewed are several that Jen and I have talked about sampling ourselves–most notably No. 209 and Citadelle.

We were at Nina Planck’s Real Food Market this weekend, in NYC’s Petrosino Square, where we met some friendly picklers from Wheelhouse Picks. Among their delights were some yummy turnips, pickled in Hendrick’s gin. We grabbed a jar of those turnips (along with a yummy bread and butter that’s not as sweet as the norm), thinking the Hendrick’s turnips would make a lovely martini garnish. Alas, I’ve not gotten around to mixing up martinis this week. Another project will be to pickle up some thinly sliced cukes in the Hendrick’s.


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